Coronation Street Teaser – August 20, 2008

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coronationstreet2.jpgPoisonous Teresa has given poor Jerry a double dose of medication. But as he is rushed into hospital, Teresa is left wondering if she has gone too far this time. Later, after Jerry has recovered consciousness, he announces that he’s still in love with Teresa and wants to make a go of things again. It’s the news Teresa’s been waiting for, but will she be able to keep up her lie?

Roy has a horrible encounter with two oiks in the café. But after discovering that they have left their phone behind, Roy resolves to return it. Bad mistake! He is followed by the police, who’ve been doing surveillance on the two men, and as he arranges a meet to hand over the phone the police arrest Roy and Ken for dealing drugs.

Mel, meanwhile, heads off for a night out with Abi. After leaving the bar somewhat worse for wear, they spot a group of girls having a big row. Mel wants to intervene, but Abi urges her not – after all, she not on duty. When Mel wades in, Abi is forced to get involved – with utterly unforeseen consequences. Elsewhere, Tina snogs David – Amber is devastated. Dev is confused when Nina blows hot and cold. And Gail tells Joe that Tina’s on to him.

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