Emmerdale Teaser – August 20 2008

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emmerdale2.jpgThere are dramatic scenes aplenty as a familiar face who is wielding a shooter surprises poor Matthew. Matthew hopes that this face from the past won’t become a blast from the past. The situation becomes even more serious when Katie is also taken hostage by the crazed gunman. Now, both their lives hang on a knife-edge. Meanwhile, Carl and Jimmy wonder where on earth their brother has got to. At the farm, Jimmy and Carl watch as a tense hostage situation unfolds. With they be able to help save Matthew and Katie? Or, will blood flow at Home Farm?

Nicola is worried that Rodney might have discovered the truth, and is nervous after he almost catches her on the phone to the publisher. Suspicious, Rodney corners David. Will Nicola’s cagey lover be able to cover up her scheming?

Meanwhile, Andy is reluctant to return home after a weekend bender. The village show descends into utter chaos. Doug is taken aback when after Brenda snaps at him, and Gennie remarks that her mum always reacts that way when she likes someone… Bob is shocked to hear that the villagers plan to sue him.

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