Lily Lashes Out

August 21, 2008 by  
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lily-allen.jpgLily Allen is something of a loose cannon right now. Fights, drugs, all sorts of crazy behaviour. The 23-year-old’s latest escapades include a ‘shock’ admission and a nightclub brawl.

On Tuesday night Lily punched a girl outside a London club. Lil had been out clubbing at Ronnie Scott’s with T4’s Miquita Oliver when a passer-by called her a “f**king a**ehole”. It all got a bit Jeremy Kyle, with Lily letting out a stream of expletives followed by a swift right hook. Then, after assailing the passer-by with a volley of punches, Lil wrapped the fracas up with the pithy epithet: “Violence is bad.”


This was followed by a statement from Lily that she doesn’t intend to give up drugs. Although admitting that she’s “not a good person on drugs”, Lil can’t rule out taking them again. She started taking ecstasy at the age of 14, but gave up when she discovered she was pregnant with ex-boyfriend Ed Simons’ baby, which she later miscarried.

What Lily should be most famous for is her music, but with no sign of her much-awaited second album is her recent behaviour a last-ditch attempt to keep her face in the papers? Only time will tell.

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