Big Brother Day 83: Darnell Rants At Sara

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darnell.jpgDarnell called Sara an “ugly b***h” last night.

The songwriter let loose on Sara – who fellow housemates broken the rapper’s heart with her flirting – after she admitted she would like to have a romance with former housemate Stuart.

He said “I think you’re a cool person, but you’re an ugly b***h.”

The spiteful comment came after the US deportee told Kathreya she doesn’t have to be centre of attention all the time.

He said “It’s not all about you!”

Kathreya sobbed to friend Rex.

She said “I’m tired of friends doubting me. You feel fed up when you been here such a long time, and people doubt who you are.

“He say, ‘You always act because you’ve got drama degree’.”

Rex offered some comforting words.

He said:”Who cares about a drama degree. You’re not going to be acting the whole time you’re in here.”

Later, Rex challenged Darnell – who also told Rachel to “shut up” earlier – on his behaviour.

Darnell claimed he is trying to get himself nominated so he can find out what the public thinks of him.

He said: “I can really do the d**khead game. I’m an a*s.”

Rex claimed his dog would be able to eat Rachel’s dogs last night.

The arrogant bully told the sweet-natured trainee teacher his mutt would ravage her “dawgie dawgs”.

He said “Rachel’s dogs would just be an empty cage with two collars left and a bit of blood, with my dog sitting there, licking his lips.”

Surprisingly, Rachel agreed her pooches would fall victim to Rex’s apparently vicious animal.

She said “Oh yeah, your dog would eat my dogs.”

But 24-year-old Rex backtracked, saying his dog didn’t have what it takes to kill another canine.

He said “No, it wouldn’t eat your dogs. My dog’s so soft. It wouldn’t eat anyone.”

Rachel went on to say how “beautiful” her dogs are before the pair went on to sing popular children’s rhyme ‘How much Is That Doggy In The Window?’ together.

Kat asked “Is that a real song?”

After the singing, Rex told Rachel she has the most “annoying voice in the world!”

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