Big Brother Day 83: Mid-week Eviction Fears?

August 26, 2008 by  
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big-brother-logo.gifHousemates speculated about a mid-week eviction this afternoon.

The group – one of which will in fact be ousted tomorrow if they fail a special task – assumed there must be something going on as this week’s shopping task will last for one day instead of the usual two.

The contestants must perform their Las Vegas style show this evening, with Sara believing head of house Mohamed may have to pick his favourite acts to stay in the house.

Cookie monster Kathreya thinks the public are voting for the housemate they want out.

Grumpy Darnell – who called Sara an “ugly b***h” yesterday – said he was “not cool” with a mid-week eviction and believes he will be the one to go.

Meanwhile, Lisa told Rachel she imagines the whole house has been nominated, with one person being kicked out on Wednesday followed by a double eviction on Friday.

Mohamed is immune from eviction this week after housemates unwittingly nominated him as head of house.

Rex broke out of his straightjacket in record time this afternoon.

The arrogant playboy escaped the garment in just a few minutes after his first attempt at the escapologist stunt.

And the show-off did it again in seconds on his next try.

He said “We are finished. What are we going to do, have a cigarette? I’ve got nothing to do for the rest of the day.”

Meanwhile, Mikey and Darnell – who have been instructed by head of house Mohamed to only answer to ‘Elton’ and ‘Kiki Dee’ – camped it up as they rehearsed for their performance of ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’.

Darnell/Elton said “Alright Kiki, let’s take it to them now. You burning up, you hot as usual, you know that?”

Mikey/Kiki made a move on Darnell/Elton.

He/she said “I know you’ve got a husband, Elton, but you know, I’ve got needs too. So have you.”

Darnell/Elton replied:”Of course I have. All the time.”

Mikey/Kiki added “Your husband won’t be watching. He’ll be busy.”

The pair proceeded to rub up against each other.

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