Big Brother Day 83: Rex in a Straight Jacket?

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rex.jpgRex volunteered to lock himself in a straight jacket.

The boastful bully stepped up to the task after Mohamed read the instructions for the Las Vegas themed task this afternoon.

He said “I wanna become the escapologist.”

But sales rep Lisa – who was recently blown away by lover Mario’s shock proposal on Sunday – did not seem so confident in Rex’s skills.

She said “We need to pass, obviously.”

Head of house Mohamed went on to assign Darnell and Mikey with the task of impersonating Elton John and Kiki Dee and singing the pair’s hit ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’.

Darnell asked Mikey “Do you wanna be the dude, or shall I?”

Lisa and Rachel were chosen as magicians and have spent much of the afternoon practicing, using a portable DVD to watch an expert perform card tricks.

Lisa said “I’m good at hand to eye, but I’m not the fastest. But we’ll have a go.”

Kathreya and Sara were chosen as the illusionist and assistant.

Darnell has changed his mind about wanting to quit Big Brother.

The emotional songwriter backtracked on his comments earlier this morning, saying he does not want to go before a task.

Darnell is rehearsing for his part as Elton John, alongside Mikey as Kiki Dee for a rendition of ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’.

The rapper was called to the Diary Room this afternoon (2pm), prompting his fellow housemates to wind him up about his previous desire to leave.

Rex joked “Maybe you’re out of here.”

Mohamed added “Yeah, that sounded bad.”

Earlier, Darnell ranted about how unhappy he was in the house and said he was fed up with seeing how happy everyone else was.

He said “There’s obviously something wrong with me, I’m never happy. I’m so angry, I’m so bitter. I can’t deal with seeing everyone happy in the house.

“I’d do this just for you guys to get in the final. I want to go. I just can’t muster up the effort.”

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