Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 80

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big-brother-logo.gifNicole most unpopular HM ever

Nicole was evicted with 94 per cent of the public vote on Friday night, making her the most hated ‘Big Brother’ housemate ever.
The 19-year-old student was nominated along with Sara and Lisa and was delighted when Davina called out her name, punching the air and shouting “yes”.
She exited the house to what Davina called a “heavy reception”, with the audience booing her continuously.
Asked about the boos, she said “Obviously it wasn’t very nice but I was expecting it. I wasn’t expecting cheers.”
She also explained how hard she found her time in the house, claiming none of the other contestants tried to befriend her.
She said “I was never myself. It was a hard situation being Rex’s girlfriend. They all had their friends and they didn’t want to get to know me at all.
“I’m usually so fun and bubbly but not in there. I knew so much from the outside world that I couldn’t say.”
When quizzed on what she knew, Nicole admitted she had read stories about Rex allegedly cheating on her.
Davina then played her clips of her numerous arguments with Rex, prompting the reply “Oh dear, that is cringe. It’s not nice, that is awful.
“It’s horrible, it’s not nice. It was so hard because he was going on about trusting me; him trusting me is not the issue at all.”
She admitted they do row as much in real life, but still termed their relationship “strong” even though she called Rex “controlling”.
After Davina explained many felt she and Rex had bullied blind Mikey during the ‘Thriller’ task, Nicole apologised for her behaviour and said she had not meant to be nasty.
She added “Mikey did upset me and he was really nasty in that house. He did hurt me.”

Rex glad Nicole’s gone

Rex said he was glad Nicole had been evicted last night.
The arrogant chef – whose girlfriend joined the Big Brother house three weeks ago after he had continuously moaned about how much he missed her – said he was “relieved” she had left because she’d made his life difficult.
He said “She’s not like that in normal life. I’ve got to tell you she wasn’t being very nice. Nicole is very difficult. She gets difficult when she’s uncomfortable She knew she was going to get booed.”
Later, when Lisa checked to see how he was dealing with Nicole’s departure, he said “I’m fine. I’m quite relieved. She made it much more difficult in here.
“I thought I’d feel a lot worse hearing them boo her. I found it quite funny how much she got booed. It will be a lot easier without her here. Not in a horrible way. In a nice way.”
Earlier, Rex had looked distraught when Davina announced Nicole had been evicted.
Although she seemed glad to be going home – she punched the air and shouted “yes” – Rex looked glum.
He said “I love you. I knew you wanted to go home anyway. I’ve loved having you here.”

Darnell makes Kathreya cry

Darnell reduced Kathreya to tears on Friday night.
During a late night discussion, the US rapper accused Kat – who Rex had made cry earlier in the day – of failing to support him when he fell out with fellow ‘Big Brother’ contestant Sara.
Furious Darnell declared “I’m just saying I’m sick of this house and I’m sick of this b******t and I want to get the f**k out.”
Darnell is angry with Sara because she chose to get into bed with Stuart – who she had a crush on – rather than him two weeks ago.
As he moaned about his shattered relationship with Sara, Rachel and Kat gently suggested he try talking to her to try to sort out their problems but he refused to listen.
He then moaned that he was the last to know Sara had feelings for Stuart, saying “How come every other housemate has the inside track.”
Kat broke down in tears, but explained it wasn’t her place to tell him Sara’s secrets.
She said: “If two people have problem it should be two people’s problem. What am I, a rubbish bin?”
During the conversation, Darnell also accused Kat of failing to support Rex during the night’s eviction.
Claiming it was wrong that Kat had chosen to hold nominee Sara’s hand rather than sit with Rex – whose girlfriend Nicole was eventually given the boot – Darnell said “I was f***ing shocked, dude. I was there to support him and I had my own battles going on.”
Kat rubbished his argument, saying it was just because he didn’t like Sara: “You don’t care about other people. The only thing you care about is Darnell.”

Mikey’s mad dream
Mikey revealed he had a bizarre dream about Mohamed on Saturday morning.
Foul-mouthed Mikey – who has upset some of the ‘Big Brother’ contestants in the past with his constant sexual references – was chatting to Rachel, Sara and Kathreya in the bedroom when he revealed the saucy dream.
Keen to share the funny story with his pals, Mikey told Rachel “You were Head of House and you ordered Mohamed a 10 minute taxi ride so he could do round the block in the back of the taxi without the cameras.”
A distressed Rachel let out a loud groan, clearly already sensing where the naughty conversation was heading.
An excitable Kat instantly began squeaking “What did he do? What did he do?”
In a rare moment of embarrassment Mikey refused to go into too much detail, simply saying “What do you think?”
A squirming Sara shrieked “Oh no! Did he hang out with his ‘best friend’? Is that all you remember?”
Clearly pained at the recollection, Mikey bellowed: “Yes!”

 Mikey hurt

Mikey was furious with Darnell and Mohamed when he got hit in the neck by their baseball today.
Blind Mikey was innocently swimming in the pool when the Big Brothe’ boys – accompanied by Rex – decided to play the game next to him, with Mohamed batting and Darnell bowling.
As Darnell got ready to throw the ball, he murmured “This ball hurts as well.”
After missing the first ball Mohamed connected well with the next shot, sending the ball hurtling towards an unaware Mikey.
Suddenly the radio producer started screaming and furiously rubbing his neck.
He bellowed:”Ow!”
Mohamed, Darnell and Rex immediately started giggling, although Darnell did seem to realise his laughter was probably not impressing Mikey, saying “That was not funny at all.”
As the trio continued tittering, a furious Mikey screamed “F***ing p***k. That was not f***ing funny.”
Darnell spluttered “I’m sorry, it’s not funny, I’m only laughing at your reaction I’m not laughing at you getting hit in the head.”
Incensed by the laughter, Mikey screamed “It’s not funny! Rex, who was that?”
Through his giggles, Darnell admitted “It was me and Mohamed.”
The boys then chorused “sorry” as Mikey fumed “That’s f***ing s**t guys.”
Darnell said “Sorry, I’m only laughing at how angry you are.”
Rubbing his neck Mikey grumbled “Look at that. F***ing hell guys.”
As Mikey retreated inside, Darnell admitted “That was the worst thing that could have happened.
“I feel like we learnt a lesson. Like that’s why Big Brother doesn’t let us play baseball games by the pool.”

Mohamed’s sickness

Mohamed vomited on Sunday after trying to eat a mountain of pasta as part of a ‘Big Brother’ task.
The Somalian toy salesman – who has been labelled “greedy Mo” by his fellow housemates for his usually insatiable appetite – could not stomach the huge Italian dish the group was given only two hours to finish.
Big Brother set up posh restaurant Grande Fratello’s for the task last night. If they finish it, the contestants will win a special prize.
US rapper Darnell poured the slimy food all over his face while sweet-natured Rachel threatened to tip a bucket of the stuff over Rex’s head.
Lisa – who is set for a surprise proposal from boyfriend and former housemate Mario later today – said she thought the task was “impossible”.
She said “We’re never going to eat all of that in two hours. We might as well just face it.”
Rex agreed “An elephant wouldn’t be able to eat that in two hours.”

Sexy Sara promises to get naked

Sara promised to jump into the pool naked if Big Brother provided her with a bottle of Champagne.
The sexy PA told fellow housemates she would be prepared for the saucy dive if the group was given more booze.
Earlier, housemates rejected five cans of cider from Big Brother because there wasn’t enough for one each.
The lack of alcohol prompted the group to come up with ideas to encourage the show’s bosses to get them drunk.
Mikey said “Why don’t we all strip off naked and rub ourselves down with rapeseed oil?
“Then the guys can lie side by side face down on the floor and the girls can slide across us like a human slide.”
He added “Darnell did it at university.”
Sara later confessed she would be too shy for the nude stunt.
And Rex – whose girlfriend Nicole was evicted on Friday, with the highest percentage of the public vote in ‘Big Brother’ history – revealed he only misses his lover at bedtime.

Darnell needs to be a ‘Bigger Man

Sara told Big Brother she think Darnell should be a “bigger man”.
The flirty PA – who left Darnell heartbroken by making moves on former hunky housemate Stuart – confessed she does not know what is going on with him.
The 27-year-old also admitted she is scared to talk to him about it in case he flips out.
She said “When Darnell is a nice person, when we were friends, he’s funny.
“Oh, he makes me laugh and is so much fun to be around.
“But I haven’t had that from him lately. He’s just been quite nasty with his digs and stuff. It’s kind of hard to take because you just think, ‘What the hell is going on?'”
She added “I know I haven’t done anything and I don’t actually know what brought it on or why he started it.
“It kinda gradually started on Tuesday and then it just started getting worse and worse. And then I cracked down on Thursday night.
“I feel I just want to leave it as it is. I feel like I’m making the right decision.”
Meanwhile, Darnell – who suggested to Kathreya he could have started a “get Sara out” campaign – told Mohamed he thinks she will make a move on him soon.
He said “Me and her falling out has benefited you.”
Mo replied “Stuart gone, Dale gone and Rex got his girlfriend…”

Champagne breakfast
Housemates were treated to a Champagne breakfast on Sunday morning.
The sleepy contestants were woken by Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ before discovering the alcoholic treat.
The luxury booze aludes to Lisa’s secret marriage proposal from Mario later today.
Mo screamed “Champagne breakfast – alright!”
Darnell advised “Mix the Champagne with the orange juice.”
The US deportee ran around the room celebrating and tried to pick Mohamed up unsuccessfully. He later bounced over to Sara for a hug.
She said “So, we’re friends now?”
Later, Big Brother called Rex into the Diary Room where he was given a vintage bottle of Champagne as a present.
The housemates will all receive something special in the run up to Lisa’s possible engagement.
Rachel will receive a large bowl of grapes, Kathreya will get some cookies and Darnell will have the use of an MP3 player for an hour.
Last night, Sara said she would jump into the pool naked if Big Brother provided her with Champagne.

Sara’s speech

Sara gave a heartfelt speech this morning.
The 27-year-old PA stood up at the breakfast table to tell each member of the group how she felt about them.
But bully Rex branded Sara’s speech boring.
Sara said “I do think you are all amazing in you own little ways.”
The sexy Australian began by saying how much she has enjoyed her time with crazy cookie fiend Kat.
She said “With Kat, on one hand she can be serious and you can have special conversations with her. She is very intelligent.”
Sara went on to make an awkward summary of Darnell following the pair’s conflict recently.
She said “Obviously with Darnell we have had our ups and downs. In the beginning I did see him as my best buddy in the house, but obviously things have changed between us. I still don’t know what the reason for that is to be honest.”
Next up was sweet-natured trainee teacher Rachel.
Sara gushed “Rachel, I think you are the sweetest thing ever. You have never raised your voice or said a bad word about anyone.”
She added “I really like Mikey because he just says it how it is. He makes me laugh so much.”
Rex concluded the speech in his typical bullying fashion.
He said: “OK, shut up and sit down. Wow, that was boring. God damn.”

Mario proposes

Lisa made a shrine to Mario on Sunday night after his surprise proposal.
The former bodybuilder – who has been moping since her boyfriend was evicted from the Big Brother house – collected every photo she had of the beefy Romeo, including a life-sized cardboard cut-out.
However, grumpy Rex insisted the fake Mario be turned to face the other way because it was “staring at him”.
Earlier, housemates were gob smacked to see 43-year-old “facilitator” Mario standing in the garden wearing a tuxedo.
He fired off a series of printed messages for his love.
They read “Lisa… I am very sorry… to say you’re single… no more… as I have spoken… to your Daddy…
“Therefore I would like to… Marry you?”
Lisa screamed “Yes, yes, yes! I love you babe”
Later, Darnell joked around with the cardboard Mario, standing behind it and calling all the housemates into a health and safety meeting.

BB plays practical joke

Big Brother played a practical joke on Sara last night.
The sexy Aussie was feeling a bit on edge after a conversation about horror films.
Her shot nerves weren’t helped when cheeky Mohamed crawled across the bedroom floor into the wardrobe and ran out screaming at her.
She said “Seriously don’t do that Mo. I feel like coming over there and punching you in the face right now. I’ll have a dodgy heart after this.”
Darnell added: “That was funny as hell, dude.”
But the frights were not over.
As the 27-year-old PA tried to settle down, Big Brother planned a scare of its own.
Sara screamed “There is someone behind that mirror. He just pulled back the curtain and stood there with his hands up in the air!”
Mohamed had also seen the figure and began laughing when he realised it was Big Brother pulling their legs.
Sara added “I can’t believe Big Brother would do that to me.”

Rex makes up a friend

Rex chatted with imaginary friends on Sunday night.
The lonely chef – whose girlfriend Nicole was booted out of the Big Brother house on Friday with the largest majority of the public vote in the show’s history – created the invisible pals after fellow housemates abandoned him.
The rest of the group had piled into the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother following Lisa’s shock proposal from Mario earlier in the afternoon.
Rex said “It actually feels normal in here.”
After pouring himself a glass of cider, Rex began his bizarre monologue.
He said “Anyone for some cake? No?”
But his pretence was destroyed when the other contestants returned from the Diary Room.
Rex told Sara “I had the best time ever. Fifteen minutes on my own, away from you nutcases.”
Rex is not the only housemates to start showing signs of madness.
Cookie monster Kathreya has previously talked with the swan shaped tap in the bathroom while former housemate Luke poured his heart out to a teddy bear after lover Rebecca was kicked out.

Tears for Sara

Sara was left in tears after Big Brother gave her a letter from her sister.
The 27-year-old PA received the message from home in a series of kind gestures from Big Brother in the run up to Lisa’s shock proposal from Mario.
Sara told fellow housemates how Big Brother had asked her to read the letter aloud in the Diary Room.
Her sister’s letter began by telling Sara she loves her “like a fat kid loves cake and more.”
Sara said “How cute is she? I was really worried she’d hate me because I was supposed to be there for her 21st.”
The sexy Angelina Jolie look-alike explained her turbulent relationship with her parents.
She said “My mum finds it difficult to be friends with me.”
She later added “What an amazing day! This is the best day so far!”
Sara, along with Darnell and Mikey, had previously received a letter from friends rather than her family when a bag of heartfelt messages from home were delivered to the housemates.
Rachel and Mikey had sex last night.
But the Big Brother romp was only in the trainee teacher’s saucy dream, according to fellow housemates who heard her sleep talking.
Rachel was overheard moaning about the sexy session before she woke other sleepers with her wild screaming.
Darnell said this morning “Rachel woke up and was sleep talking.
“She said, ‘Don’t put it in there’.”
Lisa, 40, also admitted she heard Rachel’s nocturnal chatter, claiming she said, “Oh Mikey, not yet Mikey!”.
Mikey – who has previously admitted a crush on the Welsh beauty contest runner-up – was shocked by the revelation.
He said “Oh my God! What was this dream?”
But Rachel would reveal no more about the details, saying simply that she must have gone to bed thinking about him.
She said “I was dreaming about you!”
This is not the first strange dream for the 24-year-old former child star.
She once had a nightmare about being evicted from the Big Brother house where presenter Davina McCall told her she was boring and didn’t like her dress.

Rex loses Head of House role

Rex has been stripped of his head of house rosette.
The arrogant bully – who has bossed his fellow housemates around for the past week – was called into the Diary Room this morning where the news was broken.
He emerged to inform the rest of the group he was no longer in charge.
The professional chef went on to tell Lisa he had nominated four people for eviction, prompting Kathreya to brand him a “liar”.
Darnell added “You’re a wind-up merchant.”
Mikey – who has been head of house previously – said he did not think they would put someone else in charge so late in the show.
He said “I don’t think there’s a new head of house. I think there’s just nominations as normal.”
Meanwhile, Lisa was forced to remove her shrine to Mario.
But the former bodybuilder was in too chipper a mood to let Big Brother get to her.
She said “Nothing can take yesterday away from me. Everything was spot on.”

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