Big Brother Day 84: HM’s to Win Big Bucks

August 27, 2008 by  
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big-brother-logo.gifOne housemate will win £50,000 tonight.

In a shock live show, Big Brother contestants will be put to a series of tough questions to determine the winner of the prize.

The unlucky bunch will also be forced to nominate in front of each other live on air.

The grand prize of £100,000 is not affected by tonight’s contest.

The live show will broadcast on Channel 4 at 11.05pm.

Meanwhile, Darnell has vowed to give all his money away if he wins the show.

The songwriter – who threatened to walk out yesterday because he is fed up of being “angry” all the time – said material wealth means nothing to him.

He said “If I win, all I’m going to do now is give it away to charity, give it to my mum or blow it on my friends.

“It’s not going to make me happy at all. It sucks and that’s why I get so mad.”

Rex fears he has been lynched by the media since entering the Big Brother house.

The arrogant chef – who in unaware his alleged affair with a stripper was made public – told Sara how girlfriend Nicole warned him to “expect the worse”.

But the wealthy playboy did not reveal his supposed infidelity.

He said “I know because of the people that I have associated myself with in my life. They are all in the media and a lot of the girls are models, all the guys are doing jobs in the media or whatever.

“For example, I have so many people that I know, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together to think some genius will make up a story.”

Rex also said Nicole – who was voted out of the house with the highest percentage of the public vote in ‘Big Brother’ history – had asked him “outrageous questions” which led him to believe rumours were being spread about him.

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