Big Brother Day 84: Darnell is Lovelorn over Sara

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darnell.jpgDarnell whined “why can’t I have Sara?” last night.

The lovelorn songwriter – who has admitted he fancied the sexy Aussie before she began flirting with former housemate Stuart – said he did not think she was particularly attractive so he should be able to go out with her.

He said “I’m not mad because I can’t have Sara, in all honesty I think there’s definitely more attractive people. She’s not my type.

“It’s not like I’m reaching for the stars. For example, it’s Sara, it’s not f**king Jessica Alba or Mischa Barton or Paris Hilton. It’s just Sara.

“I don’t rate her necessarily that high, and because I don’t rate her that highly I think, ‘Why can’t I have her?'”

After previously admitting he was hurt when Sara fled his bed to snuggle up with Stu, Darnell last night said he does not want to come across as a “jealous” guy.

Darnell branded Sara an “ugly b***h” on Monday.

Housemates passed their Las Vegas themed task last night.

Darnell and Mikey wowed everyone with their performance of ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ dressed as Elton John and Kiki Dee while Rex escaped from a straight jacket.

The group has now secured a luxury shopping budget for the coming week.

But Big Brother has yet to inform the contestants they will receive the money in 10 pence pieces and must gamble it all away.

Former bodybuilder Lisa – who was recently engaged to former housemate Mario – speculated about what Big Brother has in store for tomorrow.

She said “It’ll be a different theme. I bet ya.”

Darnell correctly assumed the slot machines in the house would come into play soon.

He said “They still could use slot machines, bring in a roulette table, make us play Blackjack. We’ll be doing the casino tomorrow.”

Bizarrely, Mohamed commented how fruit machines are not gambling and are more a “game of chance”.

Rex ranted “What are you talking about? Of course that’s gambling!”

Sara added “Big Brother must have so many ideas.”

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