Big Brother Day 84: Mikey’s Tirade

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michael.jpgMikey launched into a foul-mouthed tirade after Rex kept him awake last night.

The blind radio producer let rip at the professional chef this morning after waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

He said “For f**k’s sake. I didn’t get any f**king sleep. That’s why I’m tired today, because inconsiderate people were chatting at the top of their voice for about a f**king hour.

“Why the f**k could they not just go to the f**king living room?

“I’m absolutely furious at Rex. He’s one of the most inconsiderate people I’ve ever met. It was at the top of his voice!”

Former bodybuilder Lisa agreed Mikey had every right to be upset.

She said “I could hear Mikey saying, ‘Can you please just go into the other room and talk?’ And I don’t blame you Mikey.”

But loved up Lisa – who was recently engaged to former housemate Mario – had a more pleasant sleep.

She said “I was in a lovely deep sleep, dreaming of Mario. Very strongly. And the night before, and the night before that!”

Kat threatened to knife Rex this afternoon (12pm).

The usually positive thinking cookie monster told Rex she would “stab him in the back” if he stayed in the kitchen after the chef questioned her on the blade she was carrying.

Rex has dominated the kitchen since entering the house and is always giving cooking tips to fellow housemates, much to their annoyance.

Meanwhile, Darnell – who threatened to quit the show yesterday – insisted head of house Mohamed order 280 of Big Brother’s ever changing mystery prizes instead of food.

He said “I’ve never cried or moaned about anything material. I’ve never asked for anything.

“If we get all special tokens, then they’ll get the chance to give us everything they’ve wanted to give us.”

But level headed Mikey did not think there would be enough time to come up with that many surprises.

He said: “”It’ll take Big Brother two days just to think of them.”

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