Coronation Street Teaser – August 28, 2008

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coronationstreet2.jpgMel is feeling very guilty about Abi – thanks to Mel, the pair were embroiled in a fight during which Abi’s eye was damaged. Now, Abi is upset to hear that the injuries will confine her to a desk job. She tells Mel that she’s considering quitting the force if she can’t be a proper copper. Mel can’t help but blame herself. Struggling with her guilt, Mel sinks a few in the Rovers and takes a taxi to the club. There, she follows Charelle, the leader of the gang that injured her mate, to the toilets. Is Mel about to exact her own revenge?

Elsewhere, Tom approaches Carla for a loan – but there are strings attached. Liam is disgusted to hear that Carla has been made a partner in their new business. Carla plays it cool as Liam insists he wants her out of the deal – as he studies the figures, Liam realises that without her money they’ll lose the contract. Will Liam put his marriage to Maria first, or has Carla found her way back into his life?

John’s in shock following the sudden death of his grandmother. Will Fiz provide a shoulder for him to cry on? Dev insists he’s going to finish with Nina and Mel, and Amber gets herself a date with Darryl – but Dev’s determined to scupper her chances.

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