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August 28, 2008 by  
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eastenders2.jpgWhen it was first announced that Ricky and Bianca were to return to the Square, we all knew how it would pan out. They’d to-and-fro with each other for a bit, row, make-up, row, make-up, fall in love, fall out of love… and Ricky, his face as long as a wet week, would inevitably end up on the bench of depression in the Square’s grotty garden. And so it goes. Tonight, Ricky has a hot date but, yes, can’t shake the feelings he has for Bianca. Will he never learn? Bianca, meanwhile, is frustrated that she doesn’t have enough money to throw a big party.

New Jack-the-lad Callum Monks has made a beeline for Stacey Slater. And Stacey hasn’t exactly been complaining about it. However, Stacey’s smile quickly turns into a frown when Callum becomes mates with none other than Bradley. Now, Bradley tries to cement his friendship with Callum but this only causes more problems with Stacey. Later, Bradley and Callum have something of a discussion. Whatever could they be talking about?

Elsewhere, Suzy and Max move into No. 27, but Max seems to be plotting something. Later, Phil hands over a package to Max. Ian, home from hospital, sees something that he shouldn’t. Roxy and Sean go for their baby scan.

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