Emmerdale Teaser August 28 2008

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emmerdale2.jpgIt’s looking bad – very bad, in fact – for Bob. First, he is left utterly distraught after Viv severs all ties with him. Then, when Nicola approaches him for an out-of-court settlement, Bob flips and states that as he’s got nothing to give, she might as well take the shirt off his back – Terry shepherds a half-naked Bob out of the street! The harassed chap then races off to the Hotton Courier, where he clambers onto a decorator’s platform halfway up the side of the building. A crowd gathers as Bob rants and raves – will he hit rock bottom in more ways then one?

Val persuades a reluctant Pollard to give Lexi a trial at the factory. Lexi discovers that Pollard is recruiting for a supervisor to combat his anarchic workforce. She puts her name forward, but the other workers prefer Lisa. Who will get the job?

Matthew shows Anna round the stables and tells Katie he’s found a potential buyer. Katie storms off – will she be able to prove herself in time to save her business? Donna suffers a panic attack in her physiotherapy session – can Marlon heal his wife’s broken mind?

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