Neighbours Teaser – August 28, 2008

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neighbours2.jpgSam has been duping poor Dan about her ‘pregnancy’ – but now the truth comes out as sad Sam is forced to admit that she is, in fact, without child. The troubled woman then confronts Libby in front her class, forcing Libby to admit that she has feelings for her hubbie. This induces a complete meltdown in Sam, who throws her medication away before accepting a lift from a carload of strangers, who she invites back to the house for a party. Clearly, Sam is out of control…

Meanwhile, Steve is released from prison on bail. However, while inside, Steve came into contact with some very unpleasant characters, some of whom threatened his family. Now, Steve is more than a little alarmed to spot one of the bad guys spying on his family…

Elsewhere, Paul tries to inveigle his way back into Rebecca’s life. Susan’s interest in a MS drug trial stirs debate in the Kennedy household. Carmella urges Marco to heal the rift with his father. And Toadie is dismayed to discover that Callum has been stealing.

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