Hollyoaks Round Up

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hollyoaks2.JPGRuss’s world comes crashing down around his ears him when Tina turns up on the doorstep with Max and tells Russ that Max is his son. Stunned by the news, and unable to tell Caroline, Russ decides to leave Hollyoaks. Will he be able to go through with it?

After arguing with Tina, Dom heads to the Loft to drown his sorrows. There, he meets a young woman, Gemma, with whom he gets very drunk. Next day, Tina  is crushed that Dominic didn’t come home the previous night, and is angry when she catches him creeping in. Is it the end for the unhappy couple?

Elsewhere, Leila pretends to be Justin’s girlfriend, Ste tells Amy that he wants to be part of their baby’s life, and Newt confesses that he saw Jack alive.

Coronation Street Round Up – September 10, 2008

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coronationstreet2.jpgThe factory lottery syndicate has won over £25,000, but Janice and Leanne have decided to keep the lottery win to themselves and split the money. They plan to open a false bank   account in the name of Miss Rosie Webster! Later, an excited Janice and Leanne find that the £25,000 has finally been paid into the bogus account. With cash to splash they head for the Rovers, but will Janice be able to keep her mouth shut and stick to the story about how their uncle has left them cash in his will?

Elsewhere, a game of cat and mouse involving Tony, Rosie and Carla culminates in a seedy hotel room. There, Tony finds Rosie draped seductively across the bed. However, when he tells her that he is in love with Carla, Rosie gains her revenge by showing him the mobile phone footage of Carla and Liam. Tony doesnÕt react in exactly the way she had anticipated has Rosie pushed Weatherfield’s evil Tony too far this time?

Elsewhere, Clarissa puts a spanner in Harry and Liz’s plans. Kevin feels bad about letting Tyrone  down and offers him a share of the business. Harry announces that he is leaving Coronation Street.

Neighbours Round Up September 10, 2008

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Carmella invited all her pals to a picnic where she received a proposal of marriage from Marco. But celebrations were cut short when a bush fire raged out of control, cutting the pals off from help. Now, the survivors are rescued but there are still people missing. Kirsten is rushed to hospital in a grave condition and Ned fears the worst. A mortally injured Marco is also airlifted from the fire. These are tragic times in Erinsborough.

As the neighbours struggle to make sense of the horror, they learn that the fire was started deliberately. Fireman Jay finds a lighter belonging to young tearaway Callum- is the lad to blame?

Elsewhere, Lou resolves to meet HaroldÕs mystery woman, and Steph and Jay grow closer and start to make plans together.

Eastenders Round Up

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Stacey has had to make a big decision about what she really wants from life Ð security or adventure? And after getting a taste of parenthood, Stacey tries to convince herself that she wants to have a baby with Bradley, but is she really ready for it? Later, Stacey decides that she has to tell Bradley exactly how she feels and how will he react?

Meanwhile, after accidentally defrosting the freezer at the Minute Mart, Patrick foolishly sells the contents to unsuspecting customers. One of the victims is Dot who realises that her bout of food poisoning was the result of eating a sandwich that she had bought from the Minute Mart. In response to a series of complaints, the regional manager visits the shop, but will Patrick and Heather help Yolande? Or, is the game up?

Elsewhere, Suzy and Phil are concerned as the down and  desperate Max begins to fall apart at the seams. In an effort to help, Suzy tries her matchmaking skills out on Max and Denise. Meanwhile, Tony tries to get Whitney back under his control and later, his jealousy has disastrous consequences for poor Peter. Archie asks Pat to move out.

Big Brother Day 93 – Gossip

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big-brother-logo.gifThe ‘Big Brother’ finalists gossiped about some of the ex-housemates today.

Rachel unwittingly started the discussion when she began chatting about being in the final, with Rex keen to take issue with everything she was saying.

Rachel chirped: “I can’t believe today’s the final. I will feel like I’ve just walked in and met you.”

Rex snorted: “Oh, I feel like I’ve been here forever.”

Darnell added: “I definitely feel like I’ve been here for 93 days, that’s for sure!”

Rex said: “I can’t wait to get out of here.”

Rachel continued: “I can still remember the launch night and I can still remember you all walking in and thinking, ‘What’s this going to be like?’ ”

When her comments met with silence, she added: “I wonder if Dale and Jen are together?”

Rex spluttered: “Hell no!”

Mikey yelled: “Absolutely no way! I would say no.”

Taking Rachel’s side, Sara interjected: “I really think he though they were going to be together.”

Rex and Darnell chorused: “Hell no!”

Mikey replied: “I would say definitely not.”

Rex then turned his attention to Sara, saying: “Sara’s got her plan to bag Stu tonight.”

Sara – who has spent most of the last week flirting outrageously with Darnell – replied: “No. I know it’s not going to happen with Stu tonight.”

Rex pressed: “Are you going to try to bag Stu tonight?”

As a worried Darnell looked on, Sara insisted: “I’m over that now.”

Big Brother Day 93 – Rude Awakening

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big-brother-logo.gifThe housemates were woken by the ‘Big Brother’ theme tune today.

After allowing the group to have a lie-in, Big Brother pumped the song into the house as a treat to celebrate the contestants’ final day.

Rachel was the first to recognise the Paul Okenfold track, and began yelling: “Oh! The ‘Big Brother’ theme tune!”

Mikey was equally as excited, and shouted: “The theme tune!”

Rachel then began clapping along to the song before her excitement got the better of her, causing her to jump out of bed and start dancing around the bedroom.

Always keen to throw some shapes on the dancefloor, Mikey also got up from bed and started nodding his head and dancing.

Sara squealed from her bed but couldn’t quite force herself to get up, while Rex watched the others disdainfully from across the room.

After trying to play it cool, Darnell pulled on his socks and shorts and then joined the others for a boogie.

Imitating the voice on the theme tune he started shouting: “Who wins? You decide.”

Big Brother Day 93 – Rex P*ssed Off

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rex.jpgRex said he was “p***ed off” with the celebrations laid on by Big Brother last night.

The arrogant chef moaned he had been looking forward to the final night as he thought the group would be given a special party, but was unimpressed with the treats – including a three-course meal, a bottle of wine and some champagne – which were provided.

When a song was played into the house, Rex moaned: “We got one bottle of champagne and one bottle of cava. It sucks. I’m not going to get up and dance every time they put music on.”

When Rachel commented Rex wasn’t looking happy, he fumed: “I’m pretty p***ed off. It’s a poor effort by Big Brother. I feel terrible for not dancing, but I just don’t feel like it. This is our last night. What’s any different? 92 days of us being here and we get a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine.”

Making sure the rest of the group were aware just how annoyed he was, Rex went on to describe the celebration as “absolute b******s” and “s**t” and said he felt let down by Big Brother because he had “really been looking forward to tonight”.

When he finally realised Big Brother was not going to give them any more alcohol, he whinged: “I’m disappointed. I feel that we’ve spent 92 days of our lives in the Big Brother house and that’s all they can do for us. This is all they can do.”

Big Brother Day 93 – Sara and Darnell’s Flirty Night

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darnell.jpgSara and Darnell spent their last night in the ‘Big Brother’ house flirting.

The pair have spent much of the last week whispering sweet nothings to each other, cuddling and snuggling up together in bed, and decided to continue the behaviour as the group ate a farewell dinner.

Irritated at Darnell and Sara’s sexy behaviour, Rex fumed: “Can you two just get it on instead of playing footsie under the table? You’re getting mine by mistake.”

Clearly embarrassed Rex had noticed what was going on, a bashful Darnell tried to change the subject, saying: “How you doing, dude?”

Somewhat less embarrassed, Sara said: “Just leave us alone. We’ll do whatever comes naturally.”

She then claimed she and Darnell were just “friends” and argued nothing would ever happen between them while they were still in the house.

Taking this as a hint something might happen when they leave, the group chorused: “Ooooh!”

The romantic duo spent the rest of the evening entwined in each other’s arms, with Sara even cuddling Darnell while he was washing dishes.

Later, she perched in between his legs as the group chatted in the living room.

Big Brother Day 93 – Final Meal

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big-brother-logo.gifThe ‘Big Brother’ contestants shared a three-course meal to celebrate reaching the final last night.

The housemates were treated to smoked salmon, lamb steaks and creme brulee, and took the opportunity to share their thoughts about being in the house while they ate.

When asked what he had enjoyed most about the experience, Darnell said: “I definitely feel like I’m where I belong now, know what I’m saying? Being with you guys brought out every emotion in me. On the outside, all I felt was pity for myself.

“All I really wanted to get out of it was reassurance. The reason I can do that is because of you four and the rest of the housemates.  If I don’t want to be labelled and I want to be respected, how can I label and not respect everyone else. That’s the biggest thing I learned.”

Rex was just as glowing about his time in the house, saying: “I feel like certain people in the house I’ve got to know actually better than any of my friends on the outside. I think that’s the most amazing experience.

“I’m surprised at myself, because when I came here I wanted to make peace with myself. I became friends with myself in the house.”

Rex – who has argued with Mikey on a regular basis – continued: “I could honestly sit here and say that I consider everyone at this table a friend. I would consider you a friend, Mikey.”

Mikey replied: “I would now, Rex. Certainly after the last week.”

The normally acid-tongued comic also admitted: “I didn’t come in here to make friends. Friends take 20, 30 years. That’s why I’m surprised I made a friend like Rachel.”

Rachel said she had “found a family” in the house and termed her experience “brilliant”, while Sara said she was surprised with how much she had “bonded” with everyone.

Big Brother Day 92 – Housemates Discuss Leaving

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big-brother-logo.gifThe housemates discussed leaving the ‘Big Brother’ house this afternoon.

Earlier today the group discussed the prospect of leaving, with Sara and Rex particularly excited it was their last full day in the house.

Sara enthused: “Oh my god, the final is tomorrow! It’s our last day.”

Rex punched the air and cried: “Thank God for that! Yes! Thank God for that.”

Later, talk turned to who might be waiting to greet the housemates when they leave.

Rex announced: “I’m so happy that tomorrow is the last day. I can’t wait to see Nicole.”

Cheeky Mikey tried to wind up Rex, saying: “I’m sure she’s out spending your money right now Rex.”

Ever the voice of reason, Sara added: “The thing is, because she was a housemate, she’ll be in the line up.”

A worried-sounding Rachel said: “That’s gonna be a hard part, waiting on the podium for a few hours before you see your family and friends.”

Excitable Mikey chimed in: “Mario and Lisa will be there, Luke and Bex.”

Deciding the way forward was to list ex-housemates, Sara commented: “And Dale and Stu.”

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