Big Brother Day 89: Mo Refuse to Excercise

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Big BrotherRex tried to convince Mohamed to exercise this afternoon.

The smug chef began teasing Mohamed – who some of the Big Brother housemates have christened “Greedy Mo” due to his love of food – about his lazy ways, but the toy demonstrator refused to be bullied into exercising.

Rex shouted “Come on Mo, do a set of exercises.”

Mohamed replied “F**k that.”

Rex said tauntingly “Come on belly! Just one set.”

Clearly not seeing the funny side of Rex’s comments, Mohamed didn’t reply and walked away from him into the living room.

Refusing to give up, Rex followed him and asked “Mo? Why haven’t you worked out in the last couple of days?”

Collapsing on the sofa, Mo replied “I’m a couch potato.”

Obviously realising he was fighting a losing battle, Rex muttered “Alright couch potato.”

Determined to prove he had better things to do than join the others in an impromptu gym session, Mohamed settled down to nap on the sofa.

The lazy former Head of House proceeded to set the alarm off seven times as he tried to doze, much to the irritation of the rest of the group.

Rachel bored Kathreya with a blow-by-blow account of her shower today.

The two Big Brother housemates were both in the bathroom, but while the usually-chirpy Kat was trying to relax in her bath her friend Rachel couldn’t stop chatting.

Rachel said excitedly “I did aerobics this morning, Kat.”

Keen to have some quiet time, Kat replied “That’s good.”

Clearly not taking the hint, Rachel continued “I was getting bored of running.”

Attempting to be nice to her friend, Kat muttered “Sounds fun.”

Stepping into the shower, Rachel began squealing because the water was too cold.

Over-estimating how worried her friend was about her cleaning habits, Rachel finally managed to make it into the shower and then shouted “I’m in now Kat! I’m in!”

Kat didn’t reply, but that didn’t stop Rachel who quickly began screaming about the heat of the water.

She squawked “It’s too hot! It’s too hot Big Brother, it’s too hot! Too hot!”

Again Kat didn’t reply, but Rachel still exclaimed “I won’t stay in here long Kat.”

Finally realising she wasn’t going to get any peace, Kat offered to vacate the bath so Rachel could use it.

However, kindly Big Brother had already adjusted the temperature, prompting Rachel to scream: “Oh that’s better. Thanks Big Brother!”

Kat murmured “Lovely jubbly.”

Jolly Rachel began squeaking “lovely jubbly wobbly”, and then burst into song.

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