BB Racism Strikes Again- Eastenders’ Wendy Richard makes racist blunder on Big Brother’s Little Brother

September 3, 2008 by  
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Former Eastenders actress, Wendy Richard has been accused of being racist after her appearance on Big Brother’s Little Brother.  In the latest of her bizarrely frequent sofa slots on BBLB her remarks have ensured that Big Brother is now caught up in yet another race row and have likely struck her off their guest list for good.

In an interview with George Lamb about the BB housemates, she discussed her changed feelings towards Kat, who she has decided is a “fake”.  Trouble was she didn’t stop there.

No, she turned conversation to Kat’s race saying, “What is it they say about these inscrutable Chinese?  And is she Thai, but that is Oriental, isn’t it?  Well it is to me, anyway.”

Nice one, Wendy.  You’ve used that age-old classic race-equals-generalised-character-trait reasoning.  Don’t you look open-minded now?

Though an awkward-looking George Lamb did try to bring the situation into line affirming, “I don’t think that’s unique to Asian people, more to Kat…”, Wendy’s words are out there now and have only added to BB’s fraught relationship with race.

Watch the moment for yourself (above).

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