Emmerdale Teaser – September 3, 2008

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emmerdale2.jpgLately, Donna has been having panic attacks because, it transpires, she’s been missing Ross. He visits the troubled woman over, and tells her he knows they can never be more than pals. But that’s not how it looks when Donna allows Ross to snog her – before pushing the confused man away again. Can Donna continue to hide her true feelings for Ross?

Meanwhile, it’s looking bad for Donald – in more ways than one. After being stabbed in the back by Carl, Donald hands over a cheque for half a million pounds to buy Carl out of the business. However, the stress of it all is too much for Donald, who clutches his chest before keeling over in agony. Horrified, Anna rings fore an ambulance – is this the end for Donald?

Elsewhere, Rodney sees a picture of Nicola and David along with Rollercoaster Rod. He seethes, but how will he take his revenge? Andy is about to lash out at Jo, who saves herself from a beating by lying to him that she is pregnant. Eli admits to Marlon that he’s planning to propose to Debbie.

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