Big Brother Day 93 – Rude Awakening

September 5, 2008 by  
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big-brother-logo.gifThe housemates were woken by the ‘Big Brother’ theme tune today.

After allowing the group to have a lie-in, Big Brother pumped the song into the house as a treat to celebrate the contestants’ final day.

Rachel was the first to recognise the Paul Okenfold track, and began yelling: “Oh! The ‘Big Brother’ theme tune!”

Mikey was equally as excited, and shouted: “The theme tune!”

Rachel then began clapping along to the song before her excitement got the better of her, causing her to jump out of bed and start dancing around the bedroom.

Always keen to throw some shapes on the dancefloor, Mikey also got up from bed and started nodding his head and dancing.

Sara squealed from her bed but couldn’t quite force herself to get up, while Rex watched the others disdainfully from across the room.

After trying to play it cool, Darnell pulled on his socks and shorts and then joined the others for a boogie.

Imitating the voice on the theme tune he started shouting: “Who wins? You decide.”

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