Coronation Street Round Up – September 10, 2008

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coronationstreet2.jpgThe factory lottery syndicate has won over £25,000, but Janice and Leanne have decided to keep the lottery win to themselves and split the money. They plan to open a false bank   account in the name of Miss Rosie Webster! Later, an excited Janice and Leanne find that the £25,000 has finally been paid into the bogus account. With cash to splash they head for the Rovers, but will Janice be able to keep her mouth shut and stick to the story about how their uncle has left them cash in his will?

Elsewhere, a game of cat and mouse involving Tony, Rosie and Carla culminates in a seedy hotel room. There, Tony finds Rosie draped seductively across the bed. However, when he tells her that he is in love with Carla, Rosie gains her revenge by showing him the mobile phone footage of Carla and Liam. Tony doesnÕt react in exactly the way she had anticipated has Rosie pushed Weatherfield’s evil Tony too far this time?

Elsewhere, Clarissa puts a spanner in Harry and Liz’s plans. Kevin feels bad about letting Tyrone  down and offers him a share of the business. Harry announces that he is leaving Coronation Street.

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