Eastenders Round Up

September 10, 2008 by  
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Stacey has had to make a big decision about what she really wants from life Ð security or adventure? And after getting a taste of parenthood, Stacey tries to convince herself that she wants to have a baby with Bradley, but is she really ready for it? Later, Stacey decides that she has to tell Bradley exactly how she feels and how will he react?

Meanwhile, after accidentally defrosting the freezer at the Minute Mart, Patrick foolishly sells the contents to unsuspecting customers. One of the victims is Dot who realises that her bout of food poisoning was the result of eating a sandwich that she had bought from the Minute Mart. In response to a series of complaints, the regional manager visits the shop, but will Patrick and Heather help Yolande? Or, is the game up?

Elsewhere, Suzy and Phil are concerned as the down and  desperate Max begins to fall apart at the seams. In an effort to help, Suzy tries her matchmaking skills out on Max and Denise. Meanwhile, Tony tries to get Whitney back under his control and later, his jealousy has disastrous consequences for poor Peter. Archie asks Pat to move out.

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