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frost-nixon1300x210Frost / Nixon is screening as part of the London Film Festival

Wednesday 15th October, 7:00pm, London Odeon Leicester Square (LONDON FILM FESTIVAL OPENING GALA)

Saturday 18th October, 12:30pm, London Odeon West End

A disgraced President Nixon, forced to resign from his post in 1974 remained silent for three long years.

It was not until the summer of 1977 that he agreed to sit for an all-inclusive television interview in order to meet head-on those questions about his service in office and the legendary Watergate scandal that brought his career to an explosive close.

This interview attracted 45 million viewers, the largest audience for a news programme in the history of American TV.

It is this famous interview, the confrontation between an ex-President looking to clear his name and a glamorous TV personality out to make his that is the subject of Peter Morgan’s screenplay. Initially, immensely successful on the London Stage, director Ron Howard competently transports this momentous match of wits into the medium of film creating a piece pregnant with anticipation.

Frost/Nixon’s wonderful suspense is played out beautifully by its two leading actors Michael Sheen (David Frost) and Frank Langhella (Richard Nixon) with nuances of their own personal stories adding a richness and complexity to an ultimate situation that when aired on TV appears far more black and white. Kevin Bacon is exemplary as Nixon’s right hand man, Colonel Jack Brennan, and Oliver Platt and Sam Rockwell add both moments of amusement and also a resilient passion to the mission to get Nixon to confess his wrongdoings.

The final minutes of Frost/Nixon are tremendously touching and bring with them a longed-for sense of relief to a film that depicts such a pivotal point in political history.

Susan Allen

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