Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist Review: Relight My Teenage Fire

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Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is screening as part of the London Film Festival

Sunday 19th October, 8:30pm, Odeon West End

Wednesday 22nd October, 3:30pm, Odeon West End

Remember those heady teenage days when a guy making you a mixed CD made you blush your face off because it undeniably meant he must, like, think you’re the ONE and by choosing these songs surely totally understands you in every way? Nevermind that you didn’t quite get the meaning of some of the lyrics (many of which, cosy synonyms for sh*gging)- they must be saying something sweet, right? Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is like getting in a time machine and getting all caught up again in the fumbling anticipation of young love.

Nick (the wonderful Michael Cera, though again, playing his usual soppy self) is a downtrodden, sweet guy, who’s had his heart trampled on by his shallow, perfectly-formed tramp of an ex-girlfriend, Tris. Norah (Kat Dennings), the quirkily smart daughter of a famous guy, takes no crap from Tris, who she knows from school, and despite never having met him, adores the mixed CDs from Nick that Tris just bins.

One night, Nick, who plays bass as the straight third of three-piece gay indie band, The Jerk-offs, and Norah are thrown together when on a mission to ‘find Fluffy’, an unmissable band, whom they both adore (and Norah’s wandering drunken friend). As the night goes on, they proceed to fall first for each other’s music tastes, and then each other.

Delightfully, the film avoids the pure camembert stench of other teen romance films. Its sharp dialogue and erratic cityscapes as they hurtle through Manhattan in Nick’s broken down car and his mate’s van renders it wholly credible and means the vom bucket need not be close at hand- not for the sentimental bits anyway. Director, Peter Sollet, ensures that scenes with the battered friend and a distinctive storyline involving a piece of chewing gum serve to make NANIP, at times, sickening in anything but the romantic sense…

With an awesome soundtrack that takes you back to the days when there was little else to do but believe in the all-encompassing power of music and spend your evenings chasing good times, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist will reignite your teenage fire.

By Susan Allen

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