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wendy__lucy_1300x210Wendy and Lucy is screening as part of the London Film Festival

Friday 24th November, 6pm, London Odeon Leicester Square

Sunday 26th, 4.30pm, Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

Wendy and Lucy is a tale about a girl who loses her dog and….well, that’s it.

OK, so Wendy (Michelle Williams) is already down on her luck and there are emotions involved with losing a dog, especially if the hound-less is a fragile girl with nothing much else, but 80 minutes of a girl looking for a dog really drags on.

Losing something yourself is really annoying. Watching somebody else lose something, even if it is a cute dog called Lucy, and then looking for it in really long slow shots is just torturous and if I had spent my money and/or free time on this film I would be more p*ssed off than Wendy is post dog-loss.

The synopsis claims that Wendy and Lucy is well thought out and I don’t doubt that, but I spent more time thinking out my lunch than I did admiring this film. One shot that sums up the pace of the film occurs when Wendy is told that the dog pound don’t have Lucy, but she can have a look anyway. Then follows an agonisingly slow dolly shot across a never-ending row of cages (some even without a bloody dog in them) that we know don’t contain the right dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but the pace of this film is non-existent, and we all know that the dog isn’t really lost, it’s just a film. After initially wanting Wendy to find Lucy, I actually ended up horribly hoping that Lucy or even Wendy for that matter would be in some way mutilated or murdered, just to liven things up.

By Charlie Coffey

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