News: New Bond Film Premiers in London

October 30, 2008 by  
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Last night the red carpet was rolled out for the Royal World Premiere of the latest James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. There was glitz, there was glamour. There was also a heap of screaming fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest Bond totty himself, Mr. Daniel Craig.

Princes William and Harry were looking jolly smart, all tuxed up and out to show their ra-ra-royal support for a fellow British institution and adding to the general female hysteria.

Dame Judy Dench cut a dignified figure leading a flock of beauties including Bond girls, Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurylenko up the crimson pathway. The White Stripes’ Jack White, composer of the film’s song, ‘Another Way To Die’ (with Alicia Keys) who had been brought in after Miss. Winehouse just couldn’t get it together, also made an appearance.

In QOS, director Marc Foster, also in attendance last night, has ensured that the new movie leads effortlessly on from its forerunner, Casino Royale. This is Bond at his rawest, seeking vengeance for the death of his love, Vesper Lynd, and ultimately on a quest to find his personal quantum of solace.

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