Twilight sequel in the pipe line

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Fans still excitedly queuing up to see the new Twilight film will be pleased to hear that plans for a sequel in 2010 are already in place. Stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are already on board as is director Catherine Hardwicke. It is hardly surprising the sequel, titled ‘New Moon’, has been given the green light after the film took in an estimated $70 million on its opening weekend. London born actor Pattinson has already expressed surprise over his new found popularity after the release of the film and is sure to be relishing playing the role of Edward Cullen once more.

All is not completely rosy for co star Kristen Stewart however as she was caught smoking from a suspicious looking pipe outside her home in broad daylight. Although no evidence to suggest conclusively, press have been quick to claim the star was puffing pot. Perhaps the strain of a forbidden love affair with a vampire has finally got to her. Sounds like the perfect scenario for a Jeremy Kyle episode. They’ve got two years to twiddle their thumbs before the new movie so might as well kill time on some quality daytime TV.

£87.6 million film will leave credit crunch victims “uplifted”

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Moulin Rouge director and grand theatrical specialist Baz Luhrmann has been defending his budget for new blockbuster “Australia”. The epic film about his homeland has taken around £87.6 million to complete, and there are fears that cinema goers might stay away, repulsed by such lavish spending in such dire financial straits. Luhrmann feels that the expenditure will prove to be worth it as viewers affected by the credit crunch will be left feeling uplifted by Australia.

The film, which stars Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, received mixed reviews when it opened in front of the notoriously tough Australian critics. Whilst the stars’ performances and the cinematography was almost unanimously praised – one critic saying “Luhrmann treats the Australian outback like a monumental theatre, and it doesn’t disappoint” – it has also been accused of being overlong, standing at 165 minutes, only 15 minutes shorter than the Lord of the Rings epics. Kidman’s performance has been particularly praised, perhaps unsurprisingly as she truly immersed herself in the role by spending six months riding around Australia castrating bulls. As you do.

Australia is released in the UK on Boxing Day.

Pattinson declares “sometimes I look like a bum”

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Dashing broomstick jockey Robert Pattinson is hitting the big time in America. The former Harry Potter star plays the bloodsucking love interest in current US box office topper Twilight opposite Kristen Stewart (yeah, I don’t know who she is either). It’s a basic boy meets girl, forbidden love story with the added twist that Pattinson’s character, Edward Cullen, is a vampire. Despite or possibly because of this, Twilight pulled in $71m in its first three days and had a sequel confirmed as greenlighted almost immediately after the vampiric drama beat Iron Man’s record for largest opening day total for a non-sequel at the box office.

Pattinson expressed a measure of shock after getting the role as he was picked from 5,000 young actors to play the leading man, although it wasn’t all smooth going – in an interview with the Sunday Paper he said “Edward’s described as this perfect man…how could I live up to that? A lot of times I look like a bum.”

Pattinson’s starring role seems to be having far reaching consequences – Hilary Duff has warned boyfriend Mike Comrie that if she were to find a vampire boy then Comrie would be dumped immediately in a remarkably vacuous statement, but more bizarre still is the growing interest in Volvos after Pattinson spent a full four minutes on screen behind the wheel of a Volvo C30.

If the idea of Cedric Diggory gone bad gets your blood up, then you’ll have to wait until 19th December, when Twilight descends on the UK.

Changeling Review: Angelina’s Grand Finale Fares Well

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If this is Angelina Jolie’s last film, as she has suggested it may be, then she is at least going out with a bang. In fact, this is her most powerful performance ever, and she stands out from an excellent cast of relative unknowns (with the notable exception of consistent tour de force John Malkovich doing his best menacing deadpan) as a single mother who has lost her child and been fobbed off by the LAPD with a fake son.

Changeling represents a considerable departure from some of the turgid turds Angelina Jolie usually seems to pop up in (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Tomb Raider, Gone in Sixty Seconds, anyone?) and seems like a full circle back to the last film in which she got committed to a mental asylum, the brilliant Girl, Interrupted. As in that film, Jolie handles scenes of desperation, hate, hope and horror with real subtlety and nuance in Changeling. It’s refreshing to see a Hollywood face and perennial tabloid favourite reminding us that she’s also has the capacity to be a truly remarkable actress, who seems to have matured from the volatile sex Read rest of review

Abrams not a Spock fan

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J.J. Abrams has revealed he was never a big fan of Star Trek, a revelation that is sure to go down well with the many vulcans, tribbles and dilithium crystals on our planet eagerly anticipating the new chapter in the long running science fiction series.

Director Abrams made the announcement during a showing of the new trailer as well as four long clips from the film. His plan is to set it before the 60’s television series claiming his intentions were to “make it feel legitimate”.

With an estimated budget of $150 million the film is looking to justify its cost by attracting new fans to a series famous for it diehard support.

The reputation of J.J Abrams (Lost, Alias, Fringe) is sure to attract some of his loyal following to give it a go but Abrams should be wary of his future comments if he wants to keep the ‘trekkies’ on his side after describing some of the Star Trek signifiers as “silly, clichéd” and “crazy”. He may soon be wishing for the peace and quiet of an island where no can find him. At least he’ll have easy access to one.

Quantum Of Solace Review: Bond Misses Key Ingredient

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Quantum Of SolaceGeneral release from 31st October 2008

Why is it so difficult to consistently give Bond fans what they want?

It really isn’t a complicated formula. But not since the days of Sean Connery has anyone managed to make two good consecutive Bond movies and raise their hands in triumph. Casino Royale: perfect.Quantam of Solace: just another name to add to the tally as if positioned above James Bond’s head board.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not longing for the days of Roger Moore’s ‘embarrassing dad at a wedding’ Bond, plucking a pun from the most impossible of angles but a little bit of quirkiness wouldn’t go amiss. Daniel Craig constantly looks like he just sat on a garden spade and he’s so robotic at times that you have to wonder whether after each take someone had to plug him in and recharge him.

Frustratingly, it doesn’t need to be this way. Other Bonds have proved that it’s a combination of cool explosions and well, coolness that makes Bond so irresistible. In Casino Royale, Bond’s scenes of ‘mantalk’ (as Ian Fleming would put it) were cinema at it’s finest. That, after all is what Bond is all about. I want to see a man that is far cooler than me waste time drinking martinis in swanky bars before handling a twenty minute car chase. Any schmuck can drive sober, Bond should be wreckless. Quantam of Solace starts with action and continues throughout like one big comical chase scene. In fact the only person seemingly unable to predict the next pursuit is a rather dazed and confused camera man who spends his time shaking vigorously like a fat man trying to keep up with an ice cream truck.

Still, there are moments of class. Judi Dench finally looks like a half convincing M and the opening scene between Bond and Mathis is particularly funny. But ultimately there is something missing in this outing. This is not a Bond film with personality and sometimes it feels as though if you blinked suddenly you might see Bruce Willis on screen yelling ‘Yippe ki ay’ or Matt Damon generally trying to look tough and competent. So, A good action film? Yes. But a good Bond film? Well, lets say it’s more like a martini without a twist of lemon: missing a key ingredient.

By Craig Woods

News: Quantum of Solace Shatters Box Office Records with £15.4 Million Opening Weekend

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Quantum of Solace, the 22nd James Bond quest, made box office history this weekend as it opened to an incredible £15.4 million, at the UK box office making it the biggest weekend opening of all time. Sorry Hazza Potter, this positively and the Goblet of Fire, which took £14.93 million.

Beating the opening weekend figure of the last Bond movie, Casino Royale, which took an impressive £11.4 million on its opening 3-day weekend, it launched in 540 cinemas in the UK and Ireland last Friday 31st October.

This first day was a record breaker in itself, taking a whopping £4.94 million and making it the biggest Friday opening of all time.

Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said, “We are absolutely delighted that Quantum of Solace has broken box office records in the UK and would like to thank the British public for going to the cinema in such incredible numbers to see James Bond in his 22nd adventure.”demolishes your previous record with Harry Potter