Abrams not a Spock fan

November 19, 2008 by  
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J.J. Abrams has revealed he was never a big fan of Star Trek, a revelation that is sure to go down well with the many vulcans, tribbles and dilithium crystals on our planet eagerly anticipating the new chapter in the long running science fiction series.

Director Abrams made the announcement during a showing of the new trailer as well as four long clips from the film. His plan is to set it before the 60’s television series claiming his intentions were to “make it feel legitimate”.

With an estimated budget of $150 million the film is looking to justify its cost by attracting new fans to a series famous for it diehard support.

The reputation of J.J Abrams (Lost, Alias, Fringe) is sure to attract some of his loyal following to give it a go but Abrams should be wary of his future comments if he wants to keep the ‘trekkies’ on his side after describing some of the Star Trek signifiers as “silly, clichéd” and “crazy”. He may soon be wishing for the peace and quiet of an island where no can find him. At least he’ll have easy access to one.

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