Pattinson declares “sometimes I look like a bum”

November 24, 2008 by  
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Dashing broomstick jockey Robert Pattinson is hitting the big time in America. The former Harry Potter star plays the bloodsucking love interest in current US box office topper Twilight opposite Kristen Stewart (yeah, I don’t know who she is either). It’s a basic boy meets girl, forbidden love story with the added twist that Pattinson’s character, Edward Cullen, is a vampire. Despite or possibly because of this, Twilight pulled in $71m in its first three days and had a sequel confirmed as greenlighted almost immediately after the vampiric drama beat Iron Man’s record for largest opening day total for a non-sequel at the box office.

Pattinson expressed a measure of shock after getting the role as he was picked from 5,000 young actors to play the leading man, although it wasn’t all smooth going – in an interview with the Sunday Paper he said “Edward’s described as this perfect man…how could I live up to that? A lot of times I look like a bum.”

Pattinson’s starring role seems to be having far reaching consequences – Hilary Duff has warned boyfriend Mike Comrie that if she were to find a vampire boy then Comrie would be dumped immediately in a remarkably vacuous statement, but more bizarre still is the growing interest in Volvos after Pattinson spent a full four minutes on screen behind the wheel of a Volvo C30.

If the idea of Cedric Diggory gone bad gets your blood up, then you’ll have to wait until 19th December, when Twilight descends on the UK.

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