£87.6 million film will leave credit crunch victims “uplifted”

November 25, 2008 by  
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Moulin Rouge director and grand theatrical specialist Baz Luhrmann has been defending his budget for new blockbuster “Australia”. The epic film about his homeland has taken around £87.6 million to complete, and there are fears that cinema goers might stay away, repulsed by such lavish spending in such dire financial straits. Luhrmann feels that the expenditure will prove to be worth it as viewers affected by the credit crunch will be left feeling uplifted by Australia.

The film, which stars Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, received mixed reviews when it opened in front of the notoriously tough Australian critics. Whilst the stars’ performances and the cinematography was almost unanimously praised – one critic saying “Luhrmann treats the Australian outback like a monumental theatre, and it doesn’t disappoint” – it has also been accused of being overlong, standing at 165 minutes, only 15 minutes shorter than the Lord of the Rings epics. Kidman’s performance has been particularly praised, perhaps unsurprisingly as she truly immersed herself in the role by spending six months riding around Australia castrating bulls. As you do.

Australia is released in the UK on Boxing Day.

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