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December 3, 2008 by  
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Ben Stiller apparently doesn’t star in a film anymore unless it’s got a number at the end of the title. Like a modern day Rocky, Stiller is ploughing through sequels like an old woman ploughs through a box of Quality Streets. With Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa currently showcasing in cinemas, Stiller has just announced another two follow up films to add to a Night at the Museum’s second outing next May. Don’t worry, Polly is not coming along again, although the lesser of two evils means we are going to have to put up with another meeting of the parents (you’ve met them, move on, do what everyone else does and say no when they invite you round for dinner).

But a sequel which may surprise Stiller’s followers is Zoolander 2. Apparently the project is only at script development stage but Stiller is keen to get the ball rolling. The first film saw washed-up model Derek Zoolander brainwashed to kill the Malaysian Prime Minister and also starred Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson. Another film being touted for a return links Ferrell and Stiller once more with Anchorman 2 supposedly in the pipeline. The pair have yet to commit to the project but as soon as Ben sees a ‘2’ on the contract he’s sure to sign up.

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