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Russell Brand has found something else to keep him occupied during his spare time other than arranging his hair and making prank phone calls. The controversial entertainer, who played a boozy, womanizing rock-star in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall is not set to play a boozy, womanizing playboy (always good to keep diverse) in the remake of the 1981 Oscar nominated comedy Arthur.

The Dudley Moore original saw the character of Arthur set to inherit millions by marrying an heiress only to fall in love with a regular woman. Brand should have no trouble portraying a man who can’t decide who he really wants with the big worry being he’ll also include half the makeup team, the producer and some extras in his bid to find true love. Warner Brothers are backing the film and Brand’s production company are currently looking at scripts to develop.

In the original, John Gleguid famously scooped a gong in the role of the trusted butler who helped Arthur make his difficult choice between riches or love. Andrew Sachs used to play a pretty good waiter. Perhaps he could take a leap onto the big screens and fill the role. I’m sure he’d be willing to help… ‘¿Qué?’

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