Twilight Director Off Sequel Duties

December 8, 2008 by  
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With opening day figures of $35.7m, there was no chance in hell that the second book in the Twilight series, entitled New Moon, would fail to arise.

What has been surprising however, is Summit Entertainment’s announcement that the studio is now staking out a new director after deciding not to bring back Catherine Hardwicke.

Entertainment-tome ‘Variety’ declared the decision was due to timing, saying that while Summit wanted the sequel to start shooting this November, Hardwicke needed more time to fine-tune Melissa Rosenberg’s script.

The PR-line backed this up with Hardwicke’s official comment stating that she will miss out on the opportunity “due to timing”.

Industry rumours are suggesting otherwise, specifically that Hardwicke was a pain in the neck to work with and lacked the bite needed to bring the book’s source material to life.

Hollywood Gossip columnist Nikki Finke said that without the timely intervention of the movie’s cinematographer and editor, Hardwicke’s original cut was in serious danger of draining the lifeblood of the franchise before it had even begun.

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