Golden Globes – Got Milk?

December 12, 2008 by  
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The moment which none of us have been waiting for with bated breath has finally arrived. Doubt, Frost/Nixon and the Brad Pitt vehicle Curious Case of Benjamin Button lead the pack with five nominations apiece, closely followed by the fantastic Slumdog Millionaire.

Bizarrely, Gus Van Sant’s new biopic of outspoken and ultimately tragic openly gay politician Harvey Milk has been largely ignored by the Golden Globes, with only one nomination for Sean Penn in the Best Actor category. I say bizarrely, as Milk has been harvesting great reviews from both critics and audiences (it’s got an 8.3 on, which for a film about homosexual rights is pretty impressive considering IMDb is an American site). Whispers of prejudice are floating around the internet, as those who have seen Milk are generally baffled by the Globes’ indifference, though there is no argument from any quarter that Penn is undeserving of his nomination. One reviewer is particularly glowing in his praise, declaring that Penn’s performance “reduces the Best Actor race to a mere formality” and that “Penn’s phenomenal talent…allows him to almost casually transcend the medium”.

Stranger still, In Bruges occupies some of the spots that Milk could and should have had. Yes, In Bruges. That one where Ralph Fiennes was woefully miscast as a cruel Cockney and Colin Farrell mumbled his way through a wooden script. Pity that, eh?

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