Terminator 5 Announced

December 15, 2008 by  
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Talk about counting your small robotic death machines before they’ve hatched (gestated? manufactured?)

Anyway, in a moment of what is either complete confidence or incredibly presumptuous arrogance, the production company behind the upcoming Terminator Salvation has announced it is already developing the fifth movie in the franchise.

It had been revealed a while back that, if all went to plan with Salvation (and director McG didn’t produce his usual brand of celluloid guff), then the fourth would be the first in a new trilogy (a la Star Wars).

But rather than wait for, ooh, I don’t know, box-office figures or a critical reception based on more than just a well-crafted trailer, producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek blurted out to Variety Magazine that it is already time to start “shaping the next part.”

Speaking at the Dubai International Film Festival, they announced that the fifth in the series is on-target for a release date of 2011 and will star Christian Bale and retain writer Jonathan Nolan, who are both already signed on for a multi-picture deal.

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