Duplicity Trailer

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Oscar® winner Julia Roberts and Clive Owen reunite for Duplicity, from writer/director Tony Gilroy (seven-time Oscar®-nominated Michael Clayton). Spies-turned-corporate operatives in the midst of a clandestine love affair, they find themselves embroiled in a high-stakes espionage game only to discover that the toughest part of the job is deciding how much to trust the one you love.

CIA officer Claire Stenwick (Roberts) and MI6 agent Ray Koval (Owen) have left the world of government intelligence to cash in on the highly profitable cold war raging between two rival multinational corporations. Their mission? Secure the formula for a product that will bring a fortune to the company that patents it first.

For their employers—industry titan Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson) and buccaneer CEO Dick Garsik (Paul Giamatti) — nothing is out of bounds. But as the stakes rise, the mystery deepens and the tactics get dirtier, the trickiest secret for Claire and Ray is their growing attraction.

Duplicity is being released March 20th 2009.

NKOTB put pens down their pants for UK cancer charity No Surrender

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Those decade-spanning veterans of boyband-dom, NKOTB, have teamed up with UK cancer charity No Surrender for a rather special auction.

Offering fans the opportunity to own a piece of musical memorabilia at the same time as valiantly raising funds to help young sufferers of cancer, the guys got their arty heads on and went all Picasso with marker pens.

Inviting the charitable trust backstage to their dressing room at the O2 arena, the NKOTB boys drew a one off self-portrait to put up for auction. It looks like people are pretty interested in hanging NKOTB’s mugs on their wall- so far, bidding has soared over the £1,000 mark.

The marker pen, which Lord knows how, wound up in Donnie Wahlberg’s underwear is also proving pretty popular and drawing attention from hundreds of over-excited fans eager to own something..er..touched by the band.

If you fancy a pretty picture or pen that’s been close to the intimate parts of NKOTB, put in a bid yourself at www.nosurrender.org and see a video of the work of art itself being created. Click on the auction listing and get involved.

The auction closes at 7:00pm on Wednesday 4th February.

Revolutionary Road Review

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REVOLUTIONARY ROAD: On general release from Friday 30th January 2009

After a decade of separation following a rather unfortunate boating incident, Leo and Kate have reunited, and with only an extra wrinkle or two to show for it. Like re-casting our eyes fondly upon Jack and Rose of hand-sliding-down-steamy-car-window fame, had they both survived the berg of doom only to realise that they were pretty bored without the whole life-threatening situation thing, Sam Mendes’ film marks a welcome return for a partnership that is pure bliss to watch.

Revolutionary Road is a powerful story about a husband and wife who dwell in 1950s suburbia with a proud sense of this-isn’t-really-who-I-am-it’s-just-what-I’m-doing-for-a-while irony (akin to that of an embarrassed teenager who’s been asked to help out their grandma at a WI meeting).

As they try to change their lives, their belief that they are destined for greater things comes crashing down around them in fragments of pretty disagreeable reality. As accompanies any espousing of harsh truths, they both begin to have tantrums NB. there’s no foot-stamping/floor-beating, think serious emotional breakdowns. …Read more about how miserable they become

The Boobs Are Back…..

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Third times a charm, apparently. Warners has announced that it has acquired the rights to the Tomb Raider franchise from Paramount and is planning to reboot the series with a new movie.

While rumours surfaced last week that Megan Fox was in line to fill Jolie’s sports bra, the project is still at a very early stage and Warners has stated that they are nowhere near casting yet, so the latest generation of fanboy geeknerds will have to make do with their weekend LARP sessions for now.

Producer Dan Lin and Warners have signalled their intention to re-invest the franchise with a new Croft that isn’t likely to go off sprouting 17 children every 3 weeks, and want to do away with the continuity already established to craft a better origin tale.

True, it worked for Batman and Superman (ish), but really, is there any point in resurrecting a franchise with the narrative depth of a Page 3 calendar?

Direction of a Revolutionary Road – Sam Mendes

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Sam Mendes is pretty much great. He was well known as a stage director over here in Blighty before getting his big break with American Beauty, for which he won an Oscar. Mendes has gone on to make a whole bunch of good films, most recently Jarhead. Revolutionary Road is only his fourth big film, mainly because he refuses to direct dross.

Q: How long have you been familiar with the book? What made you want to adapt it for film?

Mendes: It was handed to me! I read the screenplay because Kate wanted to play the part. I read it four years ago, and immediately felt I shouldn’t direct it, because like American Beauty it’s set in the suburbs again. But then I read the book, and it absolutely slayed me. Weirdly, it seems to me not to be about suburbia, but about a marriage.

Yes, it’s about this community and yes, it’s about this era, the 1950s, but at the heart of it, it’s about men and women. And I realised I absolutely loved those two characters, even though Frank in some ways is weak and manipulative, while April is sometimes cruel and filled with rage. Despite all that, I thought they were wonderful, deeply sympathetic and endlessly fascinating.

Q: Why did you cast Leonardo DiCaprio? Read more, or you’ll hurt my feelings. And Sam’s.

Leonardo Di Caprio Waxes Revolutionary

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Leonardo Di Caprio has come together once again with Kate Winslet – older, wiser and a good deal less idyllic (except the drowning bit…that must have been a bummer) with Revolutionary Road. He plays the husband, Frank, in a story of boredom, change and quiet conflict.

Q: There’s obviously a chemistry between you and Kate from your time on Titanic, so it must have felt comfortable being cast opposite her?

DiCaprio: It was invaluable to have a dear friend who you have known for over a decade, be a partner in a film like this. To have somebody that talented to work against, who’s also your friend and who you know you have the best intentions for and vice versa, and who you intrinsically trust to give you their forthright honest opinion about what we’re both doing – all that’s something you can’t really buy.

I know a lot of the intense moments in this movie were made that much easier and were pushed to even further limits because of that relationship. It can’t hurt to READ MORE.

Kate Winslet’s Revolutionary Words

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It’s not exactly well guarded news that Kate Winslet is pretty much awesome in Revolutionary Road. She’s had her boobs praised by Oprah, and she’s been nominated for and won a whole raft of awards, with the accompanying tears and hand-flapping.
In Revolutionary Road, she plays April Wheeler, a young woman bored with her settled suburban life. As she and her husband, played by Leonardo di Caprio begin to plan a move to Paris, the dull reality of their lives becomes all the more apparent and has a pretty distressing impact on the marriage.
Keep your eyes peeled for Q&As with di Caprio, and director Sam Mendes, who is also Winslet’s husband.

Q: Was this as challenging a role as it looked?

Winslet: It really was. It was a remarkable opportunity for any actress and it was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. That’s what you hope for. You go home with something new to think about and new skills to use in other roles.

Q: What did you learn from playing April?

Winslet: Not to over-plan. You can think as much as you like, but on set you really need to be willing to let everything change. That’s what I took home from Sam as a director: the feeling that it’s OK to be scared, and not to feel you have to come to work and know all the answers. And that it’s OK to admit that – that it’s also OK to say, I’m flailing, I’m out to sea, I’m drowning. Save me.

Q: Judging by the book, April must have been a difficult character to play.
READ MORE. Words improve your eyesight.

Our heads shouldn’t be made to think this much on a Monday morning….

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Did you, like us, begin to worry that Bond’s fetish for Sony merchandise was in danger of overshadowing his love interest in Quantum of Solace?

Well you wouldn’t be the only one. Product placement in films is becoming increasingly, unashamedly blatant and suspicions that we’ll be watching Bond’s Hula Hoop Crunchie Gillette Adentures in 2020 seem even less ridiculous with news that even Jerry Bruckheimer is getting metatextual on our asses in his latest movie.

Oddly, the man who brought us Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop and Black Hawk Down, is secretly behind next month’s uber-chick-flick Confessions Of A Shopaholic. Not one to miss a prospective marketing angle though, Bruckheimer is going to litter the movie’s background with posters for his other ongoing projects.

Which means you’ll soon be able to see the world exclusive, first peek at video-game turned movie Prince of Persia‘s debut one-piece if you squint really hard at the background while watching fictional characters in another fabricated universe.

My head hurts.

Maths ruins movie ending

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In October last year the Royal Society of Chemistry (WAKE UP. It’s not as boring as it sounds) asked for submissions of ideas to solve the cliffhanger ending of The Italian Job without using a helicopter. With a bus teetering over the edge of an Alpine cliff and 3.2 tons of gold balanced against the gang’s lives, Charlie Croker declares that he’s got an idea, brilliantly leaving the audience’s imagination wandering.

The winning submission has been announced, and the prize of three nights in Turin has gone to an IT manager in Godalming called John Godwin. His idea was to deflate the tires of the truck and empty the fuel tank, allowing one man to get off the bus and gather rocks to weight down the bus further. Once balance had been achieved, the gold could be retrieved and the gang could hijack another bus or van and escape to Switzerland with their loot.

The runner up was a little more Hollywood. Aidan Farrell suggested bleeding the fuel line onto the road and setting it alight, thereby melting the asphalt and gluing the bus to the road.

Rachel Getting Married Review

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RACHEL GETTING MARRIED: On general release from Friday 23rd January 2009

There’s no doubt about it, Jonathan Demme’s new film, Rachel Getting Married has some great things going for it.

They pepper the movie like microcosmical sentences of clarity in a ceremonial speech that send a shiver down your spine, perfect examples embodying the speaker’s point.

But, alas, I feel that, like many such speakers who overrun their timeslot, I can barely recall these points because I’m blinded by its one devastating fault- it is just too damn long.

A touchingly raw tale, the story revolves around a family, who are reunited when Kym (Anne Hathaway) is allowed out of rehab to come home for the wedding of her sister Rachel (Rosemarie DeWitt). Feisty and defensive, yet crippled with guilt from past mistakes that threaten never to relinquish her, Kym is plunged into a mire of long-standing family tensions that come to the surface.

The acting is simply stupendous. If the phoenix rising from cutesy formulaic film flames that is Anne Hathaway does not win the Oscar that she is nominated for as Best Actress, justice has not been done in Movieland. Equally compelling is DeWitt, whose undulating interactions with Hathaway display a comfortableness that is …Read more

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