Everybody was kung-fu remaking! Ha! Hoo Cha!

January 14, 2009 by  
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In case you hadn’t heard, 2010 is set to feature possibly the most most-anticipated remake in motion picture history. That’s right, the film that spawned a thousand broken knuckles and convinced children that washing windows was a sure-fire road to philosophical enlightenment (and ass-kicking powers) is heading our way.

Karate Kid is coming back.

Woah, woah. Calm down. We’re not finished yet.

It’s just been announced that Jackie Chan looks set to play the ‘I could fart and still break your leg’ kung-fu genius, Mr Miyagi.

Now you can grab the tissues.

Anyhoo, the only confirmed names attached so far are Will Smith’s son Jaden – widely renowned for his nepotis….. I mean, highly talented acting skills – and director Harald Zwart.

No, I’m not dyslexic.

While we’re crossing our fingers, Zwart does hold a chequered CV as hodgepodge as his name (the great One Night at McCools, the not-so-great Agent Cody Banks and the oh-god-it-can’t-possibly-be-great Pink Panther 2).

We’ve already had our childhoods raped (metaphorically) by many a shoddy remake. We beg you Oh mighty Zwart, please don’t do it again.

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