Our heads shouldn’t be made to think this much on a Monday morning….

January 26, 2009 by  
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Did you, like us, begin to worry that Bond’s fetish for Sony merchandise was in danger of overshadowing his love interest in Quantum of Solace?

Well you wouldn’t be the only one. Product placement in films is becoming increasingly, unashamedly blatant and suspicions that we’ll be watching Bond’s Hula Hoop Crunchie Gillette Adentures in 2020 seem even less ridiculous with news that even Jerry Bruckheimer is getting metatextual on our asses in his latest movie.

Oddly, the man who brought us Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop and Black Hawk Down, is secretly behind next month’s uber-chick-flick Confessions Of A Shopaholic. Not one to miss a prospective marketing angle though, Bruckheimer is going to litter the movie’s background with posters for his other ongoing projects.

Which means you’ll soon be able to see the world exclusive, first peek at video-game turned movie Prince of Persia‘s debut one-piece if you squint really hard at the background while watching fictional characters in another fabricated universe.

My head hurts.

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