NKOTB put pens down their pants for UK cancer charity No Surrender

January 30, 2009 by  
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Those decade-spanning veterans of boyband-dom, NKOTB, have teamed up with UK cancer charity No Surrender for a rather special auction.

Offering fans the opportunity to own a piece of musical memorabilia at the same time as valiantly raising funds to help young sufferers of cancer, the guys got their arty heads on and went all Picasso with marker pens.

Inviting the charitable trust backstage to their dressing room at the O2 arena, the NKOTB boys drew a one off self-portrait to put up for auction. It looks like people are pretty interested in hanging NKOTB’s mugs on their wall- so far, bidding has soared over the £1,000 mark.

The marker pen, which Lord knows how, wound up in Donnie Wahlberg’s underwear is also proving pretty popular and drawing attention from hundreds of over-excited fans eager to own something..er..touched by the band.

If you fancy a pretty picture or pen that’s been close to the intimate parts of NKOTB, put in a bid yourself at www.nosurrender.org and see a video of the work of art itself being created. Click on the auction listing and get involved.

The auction closes at 7:00pm on Wednesday 4th February.

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