Hollywood to adapt popular board game

February 5, 2009 by  
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Are there no creative people left in Hollywood? As if the recent slew of videogame to movie adaptations weren’t demoralising enough, it seems that Universal has felt the need to start tapping board games for their rich, otherwise undiscovered narrative vein.

The studio has announced it has greenlit Tropic Thunder writer Etan Cohen and Enchanted director Kevin Lima to officially board, script and helm an adaptation of US board game Candy Land.

The game itself has become immensely popular in the US because it requires no ability to read and only minimal counting skills, and merely sees players taking cards from a deck and moving along to spaces that match the cards’ colours. Plot-wise, players are on a mission to find the lost king of Candy Land.

Now, Jumanji? We get. Animals, monsoons, jungles etc.

Candy Land? Illiterate, saccharine, gingerbread men? Not so much.

On the plus side, there are some ‘boardies’ that positively bristle with potential. Admittedly after a couple of pints, but the drunken audience is still there:

Jenga 3-D (in Imax)
Celebrity Hungry Hippos Deathmatch (replace the balls with celebrities in a Mad Max-esque perspex thunderdome and you’re away!)
Operation (feat. ‘Saw’s’ Jigsaw)
Trivial Pursuit (in a ‘Thomas Crowne Affair stylee)
Battleships (starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin)

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