Beverley Hills Cop Remake a ‘Reinvention’

February 11, 2009 by  
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If you’re the kind of person who hears the Axel F theme tune and still thinks Judge Reinhold instead of the Crazy Frog, then look away now. It looks highly likely that the Beverley Hills Cop name is set to be dragged through the tarnished backwaters of the 21st century once more with news that franchise destroyer Brett Ratner (X-Men 3, Red Dragon, Rush Hour Numero…. Erm…. All of them) is directing a remake.

In time-honoured 80’s cop-buddy tradition, it has been widely rumoured that the updated story would see Foley team up with a tubby copy to hunt down the wise-talking crims, but Ratner has pooh-poohed the very notion.

“There was all this stuff on the internet and [that] they’d read a script. It’s not the script I’m making.”

Using his infinite cinematic wisdom (this is the man who ok’d Vinne Jones as the ‘Juggernaut, Bitch’ after all), he’s decided to rope in Eddie Murphy for a reinvention of the franchise as opposed to a continuation.

“It’s a reinvention. I’m going to reintroduce it to a contemporary audience. I’m going to take the best of the first two films and put it into the new one.”

And to make things even better, the Godfather of directorial disasters has also teamed up with the anti-alchemist writing team that managed to turn Mark Millar’s Wanted from a fairly subversive, exceedingly graphic and ultimately straight forward graphic novel, into a poor man’s Angelina Jolie wet-dream.

It’s got Oscar written all over it.

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