New Watchmen promotional stuff! Hell yeahz!

February 12, 2009 by  
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Okay, so we at OntheBox are basically geeks. Who else could work a 9 to 5 watching TV and films and love every moment of it? Wait…who wouldn’t? I guess our lives are pretty awesome. Nice.

Anyway, we’ve been hyperventilating every time someone mentions the Watchmen, the next Alan Moore graphic novel adaption to hit our screens. Zack Snyder, the guy behind Dawn of the Dead and 300, is at the helm of it and it looks like it’s going to be sphincter-clenchingly amazing.

The Watchmen is a sort of dystopian vigilante story based in an alternative 1985, which starts with a famous superhero being found dead. Essentially it’s going to be fairly dark and dirty, and we implore everyone to watch it. Today, we got our hands on some cool new promotional stuff for the movie, which the lovely people at Paramount sent over to us. Check out the new video, which kind of sets the scene for what to expect:

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