Jumping on the credit crunch bandwagon

February 18, 2009 by  
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It seems everyone wants to get a piece of that recession chic.
Confessions of a Shopaholic premiered in Leicester Square this week, and star Isla Fisher and novelist Sophie Kinsella were put under the spotlight of the $64,000 question – “how is this relevant in our straitened times?” The two acquitted themselves well, stumbling through winding declarations of economic morality, saying that not only will a fun film give people who have lost their jobs something to smile about, but also that it teaches the lesson of resisting the temptation of credit. If only we’d known! Robert Peston and Vince Cable are as nothing to the Kinsella/Fisher/P.J Hogan (who?) dream team.

And now Sex and the City is hitching its apple wagon to the Shopaholic car, with Sarah Jessica Parker et al. confirming that whilst they have signed on for a second big screen adaption of the hit TV series, it will have to address the global economic crisis to succeed. Confusingly, though, she went on to say that it ought to be a “romp” after the first film’s heartbreak. So a “romp” with the word “Sex” in the title which will tackle the global economic crisis. Sounds…fun?

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