Possibly the best film star story this year

February 24, 2009 by  
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Movie star Kate Beckinsale is to have a flavour of Pot Noodle named after her. In what is one of the most ludicrous stories we’ve come across this year, this privilege stems from Elton John’s post-Oscars party (where else?). Apparently the star of Underworld, The Aviator and Van Helsing was heard saying “I’m just looking for a Pot Noodle and a cup of tea”.

On hearing the news, Pot Noodle’s flavour development director said that they are “always on the lookout for ideas for new flavours, so when Miss Beckinsale announced her love for Pot Noodles we just had to make one in her honour.” He went on to explain the new flavour, saying that “Steak & BeckinsALE is just like Kate – classically British and a tasty little number.” Looks like Pot Noodle’s becoming more like a girl rather than girls being more like Pot Noodle.

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