Film4’s FrightFest Announces Exclusive One-Dayer

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Each year, purveyors and geek-lovers of horror and fantasy swarm to Film4’s FrightFest Festival for a morbidly fascinating insider look into some of society’s more twisted (and brilliantly entertaining) offspring.

So it’s like watching The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Only much more fun and with the added wish-fulfilment of actually seeing a crazed killer/alien/giant squirrel bounty hunter go nuts and wipe the annoying plebs out.

Long Story (and my waffling)-short, it’s the premier film festival for anyone interested in anything fantasy-y or horror-y, and it’s bloody brilliant.

While the actual FrightFest isn’t for a few months yet, the organisers have announced the dates for the ‘Spring Awakening’ – a tasty little warm-up that’s debuting a number of big-name films, including some potential cult classics you may not have heard of.

Seven new films are set to be shown across the day, including ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’ (starring Paris Hilton and Buffy’s Antony Head in a Glam-rock/jet-black comedy/all-singing, all dancing/gore extravaganza – which, for the sake of my now typed-out fingers, is worth going to see for the genre alone), ‘Shuttle’ (like Taxi Driver, only more disturbing), ‘Not Quite Hollywood’ (an incredibly funny and faithful grindhouse documentary all about Australian movie exploitation – with added Quentin Tarantino) and a SURPRISE FILM which anyone with even a passing interest in horror or comedy should be able to work out what it is.

We’re not exactly Angela Lansbry, but we’ll do our best here.

It’s described as ‘One of the most eagerly awaited British offerings of the year. Prepare to scream and laugh!’

Hmm, let’s see. Hugely anticipated British horror-comedy. While we can’t guarantee anything, let’s just say ‘Sapphic Nosferatu Homicid-ers’? (Read: Gavin and Stacey’s Matthew Horne and James Corden’s much awaited movie debut).

With a whole host of stars and directors guaranteed to turn up, any worthwhile horror and fantasy fan needs to get themselves down to the Prince Charles Cinema (just off Leceister Square) on Saturday March 7.

Tickets are available from the cinema’s box office on 0870 811 2559. Individual tickets are £7.50, while all-day passes are only £30.

Or check out the website here!

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