They’re just not that into you Tom…

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Forgive me for quoting the mantra of the recent Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy (I regret it more than you might think) but if they’re not calling you or texting you…..well just maybe it’s not meant to be.

In the same vein as Harrison Ford reaching for his bedside whip in 2008, Tom Sellick wishes to reprise his role as the swashbuckling Magnum P.I. on the big screen 20 years after the last transmission of the original show.

For those who may only remember him as that older guy from Friends who dated Monica, Magnum P.I. aired from 1980 -1988 and charted the adventures of a private investigator called Thomas Magnum.

If only to bring the benefits of growing a moustache to a whole new demographic, he recently commented that he was really keen to reprise the role , and was waiting to be offered the part. Tom is quoted in WENN as saying “They haven’t called, they haven’t written. I keep hearing they’re developing one but I don’t know whether I’m going to be in it”

Err…I hate to break it to you Tom, but the part was already offered to Matthew McConaughey last year who said in typical monosyllabic fashion “I’m having a look at it right now. I’m considering that.”

We’ll keep our eye on any developments with the Magnum P.I. movie / complaints from Age Concern…

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