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OK, so what was that last night on the Thames? I’ll tell you what it was not *sob* and that’s anything anywhere near impressive.

As the communication portal of all things vaguely underground and cool, I thought Twitter had put us onto something spectacular yesterday.

With it’s promise of the giant superhero from the hotly anticipated movie, Watchmen, to appear as an awesome projection on the river Thames at 8pm yesterday evening, it caused quite a stir among the twitterers keen to rush off and see it for themselves.

What was to be a 72 ft high canvas of water onto which an image of Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan would be cast and seen majestically rising out of the water was hailed on as “not to be missed.”

I was actually there, and I nearly missed it.

A small to medium-sized image of Dr. M appeared and, well, did nothing. Then the trailer for the movie was repeated for a bit. Indeed, the windy weather proved tricky for seeing anything very clearly and after all of 10 minutes the show was over.

I guess we should have seen it coming really. But what’s to be expected from a bunch of overexcited comic book fans whose imagination has been allowed to run riot between the pages of Alan Moore’s graphic novel and now can’t sit still at the thought of these characters brought to life onscreen? We’re vulnerable targets.

Honestly, I half envisaged the actual Dr. Manhattan ascending over us, maybe even reaching down to say something awesomely wise about how time is just a perception of ours and doesn’t really exist and stuff.

Lesson to be learned from this? PRs = experts in imagination manipulation. Doh.

A duped Watchmen fan

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    This is Dave from, just wanted to add that I too thought it was complete pants (although am really pleased with my photos that I took).

    I’ve written a review here about the whole (freezing cold) evening:


  2. There is no disputing about tastes.