28 Weeks Later Director to remake ‘X’

March 11, 2009 by  
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We at OTB have just got wind of the fact that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo the writer/director of 28 Weeks Later looks to be tackling the re-make of sci-fi thriller X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes.

X tells of Dr Xavier, a scientist seeking to improve the scope of human vision, who decides to become his own test patient. With no mention of a ladies changing room scandal in sight, the polite Dr X instead uses his power for good initially (don’t they all), alerting a misdiagnosed patient of her true ailment, for example. Yet as his vision becomes hyper-sensitive, the allure of evil pursuits becomes as overpowering as a Christina Aguilera fragrance. Suddenly Dr X is developing a lucrative gambling scam and murdering the odd close mate – he’d have been better off as a Peeping Tom if you ask me. When his eyes ultimately turn black, his only choice is to look to Greek tragedy for inspiration and give the Oedipal form of disfigurement a try.

We can’t say we were much impressed at the way Fresnadillo took the legacy set by Danny Boyle’s dark Brit-flick original, sucked the life out of it and paraded the sequel around as a Hollywood prized-pony. One can only hope Juan Carlos doesn’t give this quirky former B-movie the same glossy polishing. Despite having an eye for fast-paced, big-bang cinema, the imperative schlock-horror element of the zombie genre was well and truly lacking in Fresnadillo’s sequel – will he miss the point again with this new project?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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