Real Life Robo-nator: Eye’ll be Back

March 12, 2009 by  
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The Terminator can eat his robotic, metal-plated, beeping heart out – there’s a new cyborg in town and his (fairly unassuming) name is Rob Spence. A documentary film-maker, Spence eerily plans to fit a video-camera into his new Robo-eye and illicitly record members of the general public for a film on the increasing prevalence of public scrutiny – CCTV being the main offender.

A real-life action hero at the age of thirteen, Rob’s blindness in one eye is the result of a gunshot-related war wound, though Rob suffered his injury in an accident at his grandfather’s farm, not trying to save the world a la John Connor.

Sigh…he is Canadian, they’re hardly well known for their apocalyptic tendencies.

Far from being a simple affair, Spence has already run into financial difficulties. He is currently without funding for the project, despite finding a desperate lacky in the form of engineer Kosta Grammatis to play Doctor to his Frankenstein. All they need now is an Igor…I hear Kerry Katona’s available. Not to mention the fact that the prototype is reportedly sparking and giving off a gaseous substance – talk about smoke getting in your eyes.

But over and above all these issues – no one seems concerned about the documentarian’s central theme – surveillance – or the scope of the technology’s use. Spence could use his “Eyeborg” for a whole host of depraved activites – I’ve heard of a license to kill but this is more like a license to perve.

Is it just me, or does anyone see this as a lawsuit waiting to happen?

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