In Disney’s “Princess and The Frog”, It Does Matter If He’s Black or White

March 19, 2009 by  
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In a never-ending attempt to tick yet more of the pc check boxes, Disney’s next film is to feature its first black heroine, Tiana. However, despite efforts to be “multi-cultural”, “The Princess and the Frog” has already caused controversy for several racially motivated reasons.

1. Tiana’s love interest, Prince Naveen, is obviously white despite being from the Middle East. Can you picture the tabloid headlines? Oh god, no, not a mixed race love affair! As a result of Naveen’s pasty non-tan, Disney have been criticised for inferring that black men can never be Princes. Surely this is taking things too far? A mixed race man is a pioneering President in the real world – this is a flipping cartoon, get over it.

2. The real monster of the film is a black witch-doctor who uses black magic (the skill of trickery and illusion, not the dark chocolates) to transform Naveen into a frog.

After concerns raised by Kermit, the skin colour of the frog is still to be confirmed.

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