Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D Review

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MONSTERS VS ALIENS: On general release from Friday 3rd April 2009

Bugger Lesbian Vampire Killers.

Maybe I should reword that.

I mean, Sod Lesbian Vampire Killers: this is how you deliver on adolescent wish fulfilment.

Admittedly, my little teenage ‘Monster Vs. Aliens’ cinematic daydream consisted of James Cameron’s Alien Queen going claw for paw against King Kong, but while Dreamworks’ latest isn’t able to match the gore-tastic heights its title may initially conjure up, it’s guaranteed to stimulate, excite and sate the thrill-cravings of kids both young and old.

Honouring its B-Movie origins, Monsters Vs. Aliens follows everyday bride-to-be Susan as she’s bashed over the head with a meteorite and transformed into the litigation-friendly version of the 50ft woman, Ginormica. Shunned by her scummy fiancé and enlisted involuntarily into the USA’s secret ‘Monsters’ defence scheme, she joins the Missing Link, Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D (Hugh Laurie relishing the chance to play a maniacal ‘House’), B.O.B (an expertly cast Seth Rogen) and Insectosaurus as they attempt to defend the world from raving Alien megalomaniac Gallaxhar.

If you think that sounds like a walking, talking Happy Meal, then you’re not far wrong, and you can practically smell the glee of Dreamworks’ marketing team as the kiddywinks fall for each and every glaucoma-rupturingly bright, focus-group tested character (Insectorsaurus’ snugly, retarded giant in particular is guaranteed to shift enough toys to outgross Uganda’s annual GNP).

But it’s a credit to its tastefully balanced script (a happy medium between the studio’s character-focused Kung Fu Panda and Shrek’s overabundant pop-culture knowingness), and eye-bogglingly wow-ing 3D effects that my inner cynical grumpy old man was battered into submission by my equally frenzied, inner 8 year old Ritalin muncher.

Celluloid gimmicks don’t exactly have the best lineage (anyone else remember Odorama or Sensurround?), so entering an auditorium to an audience resembling a Roy Orbison/Dennis Taylor appreciation club had me fearing another the worst.

Yet, get past the opening shock value special effect, and it’s comforting and encouraging to see that the world’s first computer animated movie to be entirely produced in real 3D has capitalised on using the technology to accentuate each amazing action scene with genuine inventiveness. This is no Jaws 3D.

Entertaining, vibrant and ‘in ya face’ for all the right reasons.

Matt Risley

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